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Let us help bring video to life!
Our company began in 1999 providing production and component level products for valuable across the board entertainment and educational needs.  We have installed into Hospitals, U.S. Military, (To include Camp David), city government and universities just to name a few.  For 20 years we have offered custom content and an array of broadcast players for users to enjoy television with utmost satisfaction.  Available From our libraries we offer the "Serenity Sleep Channel,. Fully licensed video that you may own".  Let us customize your TV system and also give you the ability to own and distribute video however you wish. 

"We are dedicated to produce quality TV for your facility!"

We have encoded / recorded for edit  2, 3, 4 or more titles for one broadcast channel.  Below is a selection created as a 24 hour channel  for one of our hospital clients.



  Slide  Show 


     Health       Education

Our designs may include an hour of serenity, add information about your facility and maybe a crawl line of information with use of slide show product.

 Let us show you how it works

  1. Activation...
    We shall double check connections to make certain we have true video signal. Once unit is installed and powered on were ready to go!.
  2. Your Video Room  here
    Your Video Room here
    The rack shown above is typical of most video rooms. We will need a picture of the front portion for modulator identification. This will assist in determining if your system is Analog or Digital and channel availabilty.
  3. New Hardware title here
    New Hardware title here
    This Vtel box will be programmed to your liking and set up for plug and play operation. We will install or we can also walk an employee through installation
  4. Showtime...
    Your channel is up and running and will continue for 24hrs a day. If you experience a power outage your system will restart at power reboot. We recommend a "Surge protector" with battery back up.

Full off the shelf video playback systems which includes commercial grade broadcast player and content start at $1990.  This may vary once you determine what you would like in your design. Please contact us for design assistance and quotation.    
   (530) 836-1234

Yes,  video file delivery to your company PC is possible.  Your PC must be hooked into modulator for this configuration to work. 

Playback Devices

VTel X series  (Playback only devices) 

Serenity Sleep Channel, multi hour content through NTSC out.  Playback set for 24 hour continued use.  Conversion to MPEG for full widescreen effect. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Hawaii and more are included. Shown in HD with light classical music background and  some naration. All units are 24hr play. Client retains full video rights of this product. Capacity up to 600hrs.  
Serenity Sleep Channel ®  - Own outright or per year ownership also available.   

Independent Movie Channel - This channel is offered as a demo product. 

Cartoon Network - Looney tunes, Merrie Melodies  - This channel is offered as a demo product.

All products are available with installation.  Ask about additonal on- site warranty. 
5 years parts and labor on all products.